Meet The Team

Get to know the staff of Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association

DeAnna Alonso is currently the President/CEO of the Central Missouri Foster Care &Adoption Association (CMFCAA), which serves 13 counties in central Missouri.

DeAnna was the founder of CMFCAA in October 2008, along with two adoptive parents and one foster parent. DeAnna’s passion is derived from having been raised in the foster care system, ageing out of the system at 18 years old, only to become homeless after emancipation. DeAnna has served as the Executive Director of CMFCAA from 2009-2016. She has served as the  President/CEO since 2016. DeAnna was selected as a Second Chance Scholarship Recipient from Zonta and pursued her education in her hometown of  Jefferson City,  Missouri.

DeAnna graduated in December 2012 after years of educational barriers. DeAnna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Lincoln University, where she graduated cum laude, and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Missouri. DeAnna also completed her certification in Executive Director 101 training from the Nonprofit Service Center in St. Louis, Missouri. DeAnna is a huge advocate of higher education and believes it can break the cycle of poverty. DeAnna strives to provide excellent resources, education, and advocacy for over 1,400 foster and adoptive children in central Missouri. In 2013, DeAnna’s excellence in serving these families was recognized when CMFCAA was named by the Missouri Department of Social Services as one of four Adoption Resource Centers in Missouri. DeAnna and her husband, Anibal, have four children, three of whom they were able to adopt from Kentucky’s state foster care system in 2009. DeAnna is active in many civic organizations such as a board member of the Asherah Foundation, Zonta, Columbia and Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce’s, Missouri Association for Social Welfare, National Foster Parent Association State Affiliate, Association of Fundraising Professionals and is a member of Memorial Baptist Church to name a few. DeAnna has also presented on various topics at the North American Council on Adoptable Children Conference, The ONE conference, conference presenter at the National Foster Parent Association Conference and has been the keynote speaker at the Homelessness Conference in Missouri.

Tammy Rodgers is CMFCAA’s Finance Director. Tammy is a native of Colorado, but has called Missouri home for many years now. She first came to Missouri to attend Southwest Baptist University where she earned a B.A. in Accounting. She is married to Jerry Rodgers, an amazing man originally from Arkansas.

Tammy has three beautiful adopted children, Joshua 17, Elisabeth 16 and Isabella 14, and three amazing step children Lexi 22, Lane 20 and Sara 12. She was blessed with the ability to stay home with her adopted children before they were school age.

Mrs. Rodgers has always had a heart for children, especially those in need of a home. As a former foster parent, Tammy has fostered over 15 children. Tammy was instrumental in helping to establish CMFCAA over ten years ago, which was then known as the Central Missouri Chapter of the Missouri/Midwest Foster Care & Adoption Association. As one of CMFCAA’s co-founders she is amazed at how far the organization has grown.

Tammy has worked both in the private business and non-profit sector. She has worked in the banking industry, Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and for Mary J. Browning, LLC. In 2013 she opened her own business, Keeping It Legal, LLC, which provided accounting and payroll services to small businesses, particularly attorneys in Jefferson City. She is excited to have the opportunity to combine her accounting skills and experience with her passion for the foster and adoption community.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing keyboard with her church worship team, reading a good book, working in her yard and cheering on her kids and husband in their many activities. As a native Coloradoan, she is an avid Denver Bronco football fan, and enjoys any opportunity to visit her home state.

Jennifer Perkins
Program Director

Jennifer resides in Jefferson City with her husband and 11 year old son. She spent 17 years in the banking industry, until recently moving into the non-profit sector after the finalization of her son’s adoption. Going through that process made her want to help in any way she can. She is currently obtaining her Bachelor of Science In Behavioral Health Science, with an Emphasis in Trauma. She is most passionate about Mental Health and older youth needs. Her husband and her has volunteered with CMFCAA for several years and cares deeply for their mission. They have taught classes on the “Your Money Your Goals” curriculum supported through MO DSS, along with mentoring youth for the Transitions program. Jennifer recently has volunteered to take on the Transitions program.

Jennifer says she is honored to be working for CMFCAA and excited to be a part of the education, advocacy, and support that CMFCAA provides to the community. She is thrilled to be a part of an agency that is dedicated to creating trauma informed approaches to foster care and adoption that will create resiliency in our community’s youth, and in their homes. She feels the gift of family is something to be treasured, through the ups and the downs. Jennifer feels being a part of an organization that provides that gift to the community, is such a joy.

Her husband Jeremy shares her passions and they enjoy helping with dog rescue when they can, along with spending time together as a family making memories to compensate for lost time before they were blessed with their son.

Sarah Bashore
Extreme Recruiter/30 Days to Family Supervisor

Sarah was born and raised in the Lake of the Ozarks area. For the past twelve years she has lived in Jefferson City. She enjoys spending time with her husband and three children. Sarah earned a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Central Missouri in 2003. Since then Sarah has gained extensive knowledge in child welfare during her thirteen-year career with the Children’s Division, most recently specializing in adoption and guardianship.

Sarah is excited to start working for the Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association, so that she may further her passion in advocating for children and families. Her goal is to bring awareness to the need of foster and adoptive homes for foster youth in Central MO, as well as to find permanent and long-term connections for older youth.

We asked Sarah why she chose CMFCAA: “Over the years I have found that my passion is in advocating for families and finding every child a forever family. CMFCAA educates, advocates and supports foster & adoptive families in my community. I am happy to become part of this agency to contribute and give all I have to help in these efforts. In addition, adoption is important to me because it means a child or older youth will have a forever family and I believe every single child, no matter their age, deserves to have permanency. A family to be there in the best of times and in the worst of times.” We couldn’t agree more!

Sarah’s favorite hobbies are painting, crafting and wine tasting.

Christal Jones
Extreme Recruitment® Recruiter

Christal grew up in a small town in central Missouri. She currently lives in Osage County with her daughter and husband, while her son is currently serving in the U.S. Navy.  Christal earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Columbia College.  She brings with her 16 years of experience with working older youth with Division of Youth Services and an additional 2 years working with the MO 4-H program building educational programs on a college campus.

Christal is excited to be working with the Extreme Recruitment program at CMFCAA. In this program she will have the opportunity to continue advocating for older youth, helping to bring awareness to the need of foster and adoptive homes for this age group. Christal’s goal is to find permanent, as well as long-term connections for youth who would otherwise not have the opportunity to be connected to those who will provide them with a safe, nurturing and enduring relationship.

Christal’s favorite hobbies include spending time on her farm with the horses and dogs, yearly camping trips with her church’s youth group and reading.

Jason Evans
Extreme Recruitment®/30Days to Family® Investigator

Jason was born in North Western Missouri but grew up in the Lake Area graduating high school in Camdenton, Missouri. Shortly after high school Jason married his wife and together they have three children and three grandchildren. Jason comes to CMFCAA with a background in law enforcement. He has 16 years of full-time law enforcement experience working with Cole County Sheriff’s Office, Miller County Sheriff’s Office and Eldon Police Department. During this time Jason has served in positions to include corrections, patrol, investigations and most recently as a School Resource Officer. As a detective Jason spent much of his time concentrated on investigating crimes against children. As a SRO he worked to build a positive rapport with kids so they can learn they can trust law enforcement.

After being out of school for many years, Jason returned to school and completed his Bachelor’s Degree. Jason obtained his Bachelors in General Studies with a minor in Psychology from Columbia College. When not work Jason likes spending as much time as he can, hanging out with his family and spoiling his grandkids.

When asked why he chose to join CMFCAA, Jason stated “I am excited about working with CMFCAA and to be able to continue working to help children. I was first introduced to CMFCAA as a foster parent and was impressed with their passion they have in helping children and assisting families. I am honored to be able to join this team and to continue helping children find their forever homes, as I believe every child deserves to be raised in a safe and loving home.”

Carol Montie
Family Development Trainer

“I am thrilled to be joining the CMFCAA family!! Words I love to live by, “We Rise By Lifting Others”. My career has been centered around my passion to advocate for children and families in crisis who can’t find their voice. I am focused on using my skills, passion, and community relationships to ensure quality care for the families of CMFCAA. CMFCAA is a family of expertise, dependability, and talent supporting families to ensure change. They are committed to providing the best continuity of care by building trainings and continuing education to foster/adoptive/kinship/respite providers. They believe that by working together our team will be essential in engineering a stronger community safety net for the families we have the pleasure to serve.

As Family Development Trainer I am prepared to provide foster, adoptive, kinship and respite parents with enriched “tools” for their “tool belts”. In my previous employments I developed ongoing trainings for volunteers and staff, using my trainings from MCADSV, Crisis Intervention, Green Dot, Positive Behavior Support, and Train The Trainer approach. I incorporate creative ideas to help build and support families and team members I work among. My individual professional goals are self-growth and new challenges.

I was raised in south Florida with loving parents and six siblings. With in laws and nieces and nephews my family has grown to 39, never a dull moment at Sunday dinners!! I grew up in a Catholic home where family is my core value. I was deeply moved as a teen when our house burnt to the ground. The community took us in, clothed and fed us for weeks. I realized the strength in community. I was able to develop my skillset by watching my father provide direct services in our community with the elderly and military veterans.

I graduated with a BA in Criminal Justice Administration from Columbia College, where I met my husband. We moved back to Columbia in 2003 with our four healthy and loving children. We enjoy being together for family meals, movies, and traveling.”