ATTACh Conference Coming
To St. Louis

This year, Missouri will host the 28th Annual ATTACh Conference in St. Louis. Trauma, as we all know, is a given when caring for children with backgrounds corrupted with abuse and neglect. Little brains are craving the new rewiring therapy and innovative best practices the world has to offer. The ATTACh Conference will provide those therapy models and much more!

If you are unfamiliar with the neurobiology regarding the kids we serve-this is your time to learn. Dr. Jonathan Baylin is slated as the keynote speaker for the conference. His approach towards “good care” is what’s changing the trust outcomes relating to traumatized children in foster care and those awaiting adoption. Sheila Frick, sensory specialist will be speaking on the promising new practice brought to us by the Department of Defense, called TRE or Trauma Releasing Exercises. Lastly, Dr. Daniel Hill will be speaking on the Hyper and Hypo-Arousal our kids face on a daily basis regarding self-regulation. If kids can self regulate and learn to “ slow their roll” chances are they will be successful; dropping the national statistics relating to incarceration, homelessness and suicide. In addition to the keynote speakers there will be 60 workshops offered on various topics.

ATTACh is also offering partial and full conference scholarships. You can download and application here:

You can also learn more about the conference on the ATTACh website:

Healing from the inside out is tough work and draining to the most loving and caring families. We go about foster and adopting with a mission-minded attitude; full of deep commitment. When children exhibit behaviors that are exempt of self-regulation and lack positive neurodevelopment; behaviors and actions of our target population can drive the best family to make that dreaded call. Dates for the conference are September 22nd -25th, 2016. Hope to see you there.

Walking with you,

DeAnna Alonso