Adoption & The Behavioral Interventionist Program

Adoption. It can be stressful, fearful, exciting, exhausting and exhilarating! Do you know foster care adoption is financially covered in some areas? Federal and state subsidies cover legal fees and non-occurring fees for children and youth adopted from foster care. Adoption subsidies do a lot more than just cover legal fees.

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Kids can have medical, safety and behavior issues that change overnight. You may need resources to stabilize and keep your child(ren) and keep the family safe and floating above water. Adoption subsidies can be renegotiated. It’s up to the adoptive families to initiate the conversation of renegotiating an adoption contract with your adoption specialist. CMFCAA can help in that process, as well. Kids go through many different emotions and behaviors due to trauma. Maybe the child is unable to trust. Maybe the child is unable to connect or has a learning disability unknown to the adoptive team when the adoption was finalized. Maybe the child is hurting others and himself. Safety may be a concern. One of the ways most people renegotiate an adoption contract is through a residential treatment request.

Did you know?

  • In the United States, approximately 50,000 children per year are admitted to residential treatment (Vaughn, 2005).
  • One-fourth of the national funding on children’s mental health is spent on residential treatment (U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, 1999).
  • Mental health experts agree that it is preferable to treat youth with serious mental disorders outside of institutional settings in general and outside of the correctional system in particular (Skowyra & Cocozza, 2007).
  • These findings are echoed by the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Mental Health (1999), which states that there is limited evidence that supports the effectiveness of residential treatment.

We can do better! Do you know that residential treatment isn’t the only option for kids who need a safety or behavioral/mental health plan? Missouri has an option that can keep your child in the home and offer your family a “virtual residential” option. It’s called the Behavioral Interventionist (BI) program. As we move closer to 2016 CMFCAA will be sharing more about this innovative program. The BI program will allow families to continue healing kids without an institutional like setting. From experience, I can tell you I would of preferred a family over a residential treatment center. Red lines on the floor and changing shifts cause trust issues to run deep.

An outline of the BI Program:

“Children and youth served by the BI program typically have several co-occurring behavioral or mental health diagnoses, and have experienced multiple foster care and residential treatment placements. Essentially, the program serves families who have exhausted every other resource, and are on the path that eventually leads to placement and adoption disruption – a horrible situation that leaves psychological scars on both children and parents.” (MFCAA & Lifeworks)

Adoption is forever! Trauma can be healed. We can provide the necessary resources to curb the stress, fear and exhaustion. Post-Adoption resources can lift your spirits, bring a sense of calm to a chaotic situation and bring innovate programs to your front door. You never have to do this alone. Reach out and connect with us!