Odyssey Fun Packs
Odyssey Care Packs!

We have made registrations easier for our Families

Once you have created your CMFCAA Services profile,
you can simply register for our events by logging in,
verifying your information
& telling us who from your family is attending that event!

With Odyssey Fun/Care Packs, we provide fun resources for our
Foster, Adoptive & Kinship families to relax and enjoy together.

If you DO NOT have a myCMFCAA Services Profile, you will need to create your family’s profile using the link on the right before you can sign up.

April 2021 Care Pack

CMFCAA’s Odyssey April Care Packs providing a collection of personal and household goods and children’s books for Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship families.

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If you DID NOT register for an Odyssey Event in August or Back to School Care Packs, you will need to create a myCMFCAA Services Profile using the link on the right.

Registration Instructions:

Step One:
Create your myCMFCAA Services Profile

Step Two:
Click on a Registration Link

Step Three:
Login with the email & password you provided while creating up your profile. Then, your family’s information will be saved on file; and now, you may provide us with the details for the individuals attending the event along with choosing your pickup location, date & time.

Please Note: As of August 2020, we have moved to a new registration platform; so all Families will need to create a new myCMFCAA Services Profile in order to register for events.

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Also, check out our Odyssey Events!