CMFCAA and the AmeriCorps VISTA program grant.

Service and helping others is who I am. It is who we are as an organization. Being able to provide resources and services to abused and neglected children is the reason we get up in the morning. CMFCAA works with three full time employees (Amanda, Sue and I) and a lot of volunteers, which serve our vast 13 county geographical areas in rural central Missouri.

We know that in order to serve our families better we need to build internal capacity. CMFCAA has partnered with the Heart of Missouri United Way to complete the CCAT (Core Capacity Assessment Tool) to learn about our capacity issues. More and more children are entering foster care and many of those children need adoptive homes and solid programming. We reached out to the National Service organization to inquire about grant programs offering assistance to non-profits; especially tailored for internal capacity needs. After completing the assessment through the National & Community Service website, we were pointed towards the AmeriCorps VISTA program. We contacted our state representative and had a few weeks to start the process to apply for grant support. Our grant team went to work immediately to complete the requirements. We finished just in time!

Just this past week, we received the exciting announcement from the Corporation for National & Community Service. CMFCAA has been accepted for our first ever AmeriCorps VISTA program grant.

This is great news for our children, youth and families we serve. AmeriCorps VISTAs will assist CMFCAA staff in sustaining programs and strengthening the reach in our 13 county areas in mid Missouri. If you are unaware what AmeriCorps Vista is all about-go check out their website here:


You can also learn more on our Employment Opportunities page:

Employment Opportunities

If you know any VISTAS or people interesting in serving abused and neglected kids; who have skillsets in measurement evaluation, fund development, recruitment and marketing send them the link above or have them call us at the office at (573)298-0258. Learning what it is to give back to your community and live modestly is the best gift we can give ourselves.