Family Development Training

Training in Central MO

Contact the Family Development office at  573-476-6039 or fill out the new foster parent and existing foster parent forms to receive more information about these classes.

2020 Schedule:

Training for Certified Foster Parents:

Spaulding – Boone County Jan 2 and 3 9am – 4pm

Spaulding – Phelps County Feb 21 and 22 9am – 4pm

Sibling Bond – Boone County Jan 7 and 8 5pm-8:30pm

Sibling Bond – Cole County Feb 1 9am-5:30pm

CPR/First Aid – Phelps County Jan 10 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid – Boone County Jan 24 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid – Callaway County Jan 25 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid – Laclede County Jan 31 9am-5pm

CPR/First Aid – Morgan County Feb 10 9am-5pm

YEN – Pulaski County Feb 27 5:30pm-8:30pm


YEN – Columbia April 7 4pm-8:30pm

YEN – Columbia April 14 4pm-8:30pm

YEN – Columbia April 21 4pm-8:30pm

YEN – Columbia April 28 4pm-8:30pm

STARS – Boone County Jan 21 – Feb 19 5:30pm-8:30pm

STARS – Callaway/Audrain County March 14, 21, 28 and April 4 9am-4:30pm

STRONG – Miller County April 6 4pm-7pm

STRONG – Miller County April 13 4pm-7pm

STRONG – Miller County April 20 4pm-7pm

STRONG – Miller County April 27 4pm-7pm

STRONG – Miller County April 28 4pm-7pm

Class Descriptions

Additional Training for Certified Foster Parents

  • Spaulding courses are required for certified foster families who are interested in adoption.
  • YEN (Level A) Training, Youth Elevated Needs: An 18 hour certified training to provide foster parents tools to help children with escalated emotional and/or behavioral needs.Training topics include: relationship building, communication skills, discipline, de-escalation, behavior management techniques, management of crisis situations, documentation, and more.
  • Sibling Bond Training: A 7 hour certified training to support sibling relationships, negative effects of separations on siblings, preparing to better support and care for sibling groups, minimizing the trauma of separation and more.
  • Resource Parent Curriculum (RPC) is trauma training for families who have had a child join their family, or after 1 year of licensure.
  • Ready, Set, Fly is for families interested in working with older youth.
  • STARS courses are required for foster care licensure.
  • Caregiver STARS discusses about some of the policies, procedures, and information needed for someone who is providing care for relatives or kiddos with whom they have prior connections.

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