Human Trafficking & Foster Children

Adult predators lurking in the human trafficking world are on a mission to recruit or kidnap young foster kids without strong relationships, family bonds and who lack confidence. These types of characteristics excite these harrowing, barbaric criminals. The statistics are disturbing, “Up to 60 percent of sexually exploited children are recruited by pimps out of social services and foster homes — some coaxed into running away, others found on the streets. (7/1/2013, Kansas City Star)

The 2016 Human Trafficking Day is slated for January 11th, 2016. Human trafficking is modern day slavery and we have to stop our kids from being recruited, kidnapped and coerced into the hands of criminal masterminds. “We are finding a very disturbing trend,” John Ryan, the center’s chief executive, said at a news conference at FBI headquarters. “They leave foster care and they literally fall off the radar. That’s something that needs to be addressed.” (Children’s Rights, 2013)

We need healthy, safe, secure and forever families to keep these children safe. We need people loving kids for the long-haul. A new STARS foster care class is starting in February! Want to participate and help change lives? Contact CMFCAA and we will get you signed up. To learn more about Human Trafficking and foster children visit the SAFE Coalition and Stop Human Trafficking located in our home state of Missouri

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