Did you know Missouri did some great work in 2015 in terms of recruitment? On December 31, 2014 Missouri had 5,590 licensed resource homes and on December 31, 2015 Missouri had 5,924 homes! (http://dss.mo.gov/) Way to go Missouri! However, we have more work to do. As of December 31, 2014 there were 12,989 kids in custody and a year later (December 31, 2015) Missouri had 13,037 kids in Missouri custody. (http://dss.mo.gov/)

The state of Missouri has approved a new approach towards caring for multiple children. The “Large Family Resource Home” is ready to offer training to those interested in providing care for 7-10 children who are currently under state custody. Two families in Missouri, Lori Ross and Tammy Spears from Midwest Foster Care & Adoption Association (Kansas City and Springfield Adoption Resource Center) drafted the proposed training. These two ladies have fostered or adopted well over 10 children (Lori has adopted over 17) and have shared valuable information and resources in the training curriculum- assisting you, in navigating through the decision of becoming a “Large Family Resource Home.” The training curriculum, along with the state requirements, is listed below. Feel free to call Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association @ (573) 298-0258 or follow our easy online inquiry page here: https://mofosteradopt.com/becoming-a-foster-parent/ to learn more about this opportunity.

Download the “Large Family Resource Home” training brief here: http://dss.mo.gov/cd/fostercare/pdf/large-family-resource-home-training.pdf

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