Special Requests

If your family has a need that arises CMFCAA may be able help.

You may submit your special request in the form below. All requests are kept confidential. CMFCAA will do their best to fill the monitory or material need for your family.

Special requests are considered and voted on at the monthly CMFCAA Board of Directors meeting.

**If you are in need of an educational tutor for your child, CMFCAA may be able to help.  We have a list of affordable tutors in multiple areas of education that we are able to refer you to.  Please contact CMFCAA at 573-298-0258 for tutor referrals.

All donations will be evaluated based on money available, purpose of the donation, and other prior donations received by requesting family. Donations requests must be submitted to a CMFCAA staff member 60 days prior to the donated item being needed. This is due to the process that the staff will have to go through with the board, which only meets once a month. Requests made on an emergency basis that could not have been predicted 60 days prior will be handled separately. “Emergency Basis” situations will be determined by the staff and Executive Board Members.

Download Special Request Form


Fill out Online Special Request Form

Examples of items that may be requested:

  • Camp fees
  • Sports equipment or fees
  • Extracurricular activity needs or fees
  • Uniforms
  • Furniture, etc