Step into a bright future

The Transitions program is geared towards foster, adopted, guardianship and kinship older youth who in their senior year of high school. The program is designed to help youth complete high school, improve life skills, and pursue milestones with the help of a one-on-one mentor. The program makes for a successful transition into adulthood.

Eligibility Requirements

The Transitions Program recipients must be a graduating senior in foster care, adopted, kinship, guardianship or residing in residential treatment ILP/Scattered Site program. Applications for the program need to be submitted by September 31st of their graduating year. The caseworker or counselor for the recipient will fill out the Transitions packet and return to CMFCAA. The only exceptions on the deadline that will be made are emergency placements.  Transitions packets will be distributed to Children’s Division agencies and other agencies that assist our foster youth. The caseworker for the recipient will fill out the Transitions packet and return to CMFCAA. The main objective of this program is for our recipients’ to pursue post-secondary education. However, if there is a situation where the child does not fit the “academic profile” then the recipient will have assistance through CMFCAA to secure alternative education programs, employment and housing upon graduation.

Click on the file below to download the Student Application Packet.

Fillable version of the Studuent Application Packet

For additional information please contact:

Jennifer Perkins
Older Youth Transitions Advocate

Become a mentor for a Transitions student.

If you would like to help mentor a student for a 2 year term (completion of freshman year of college) as they transition into post-secondary education and becoming independent adults, please contact us.  We’re always looking for good role models for the Transitions youth.

Click on the file below to download the Mentor Application Packet.

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Other Youth Events

Youth Speak Out Team

The Youth Speak Out Team is a specialized CMFCAA program for older youth. The youth on the team travel statewide and nationwide, learning how to effectively tell their story, advocate for change, speak on panels and work directly with legislators. Typically the youth on the team have worked with CMFCAA in the past through the Transitions Program or other older youth services.

Cooking Class

The Cooking Class is an expanded program for our Transitions students. The cooking class provides on-site learning through community mentors in the area of kitchen safety, food preparedness, storage, food born illnesses, cooking processes, tipping and food etiquette. We are also looking for volunteers to teach on specific topics, such as: canning, herbs, baking, and much more. Please fill out a volunteer form if you are interested in helping.

Budget and Finance Classes

CMFCAA is beginning a new program that will be a two-part service for the youth. The first will a hands on educational class offered to the youth quarterly at the CMFCAA Resource Center. Advisors will be available for the youth to contact when they need help with purchasing a car, furniture, working through loans, debt, etc.  To sign up your youth for the classes please contact CMFCAA. All youth must be 14 years old and up.