Kinship Navigators

What are Kinship Navigators?

Because relative placements can be fragile, kinship support systems need to be expanded in Missouri. The worst-case scenario occurs when Grandma realizes that she cannot keep her own grandchildren because she lacks support.

The goal of the Kinship Navigator program is to provide a network of supports to the relative caregiver so victims of child abuse may achieve stability in their lives.

Supports include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing the needs of the child and developing a plan to address them
  • Offering crisis intervention, both in person and over the phone, by trained staff
  • Providing referral for psychological testing, psychiatry services, and therapy

If  you have questions, please contact:

Crystal Wilson, Kinship Navigator Supervisor

Kristin Hughes, Kinship Navigator Specialist (Rolla Office)

Joyce Marshall, Kinship Navigator Specialist (Osage Beach Office)

Services offered for Kinship Providers

  • Hosting support groups that focus on the unique needs of children who have been abused
  • Navigating the child welfare, mental health, and educational systems including crisis intervention services
  • Providing training and licensing assistance to relative care providers
  • Connecting caregivers to food, clothing, and other tangible resources

CMFCAA is currently providing these services to foster, adoptive and kinship families.

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