Meet our Programmatic Teams

Direct Services:

Kim Van Heukelom, Direct Services Supervisor (Osage Beach Area)

Gus Nash, Respite Supervisor (Rolla Area)

Libby Beetem, Resource Coordinator (Jefferson City Area)

Grace Thoenen, Resource Coordinator (Jefferson City Area)

Dalton Luttrell, Respite Specialist (Osage Beach Area)

Sarah Ruhnow, Resource Coordinator (Rolla Area)

Family Finding:

Tamara Fish, Family Finding Supervisor

Leslie Higgins, 30 Days to Family® Specialist (Jefferson City Area)

Lynn Burnside, 30 Days to Family® Specialist (Osage Beach Area)

Brittany Brakefield, 30 Days to Family® Specialist (Rolla Area)

Community Connections Youth Project® (CCYP®):

David Trammell, Youth Programs Supervisor

Montajia Staten, CCYP® Specialist (Columbia Area)

Travis Green, CCYP® Specialist (Jefferson City Area)

Brett Bell, CCYP® Specialist (Jefferson City Area)

Charlotte Lisenby, CCYP® Specialist (Osage Beach Area)

Ashley Whitehead, CCYP® Specialist (Rolla Area)

Kinship Navigator:

Crystal Wilson, Kinship Navigator Supervisor

Shermar Jones, Kinship Navigator Specialist (Jefferson City Area)

Kristin Hughes, Kinship Navigator Specialist (Rolla Area)

Joyce Marshall, Kinship Navigator Specialist (Osage Beach Area)

Family Development:

Catherine Kelch, Family Program Manager (Columbia Office)

Eric Bowe, Interim Family Development Supervisor (Jefferson City Area)

Bri Lizotte, Interim Family Development Supervisor (Osage Beach Area)

Amy DeGraw, Family Development Intake Specialist (Osage Beach Area)

Christina Bailey, Family Development Trainer (Columbia Area)

Breanna Wright, Family Development Trainer/Assesor (Jefferson City Area)

Meet our Administrative & Support Teams


DeAnna Alonso,
President & CEO
Sarah Bashore,
Chief Operations Officer
Rhiannon Franklin,
Chief Program Officer
Jacque Moreland,
Director of Finance
James Wormington,
Human Resources Director


Open Position,
Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Bailey Alexander,
Administrative Assistant

Carrie Austin,
Administrative Assistant

Lydia Cox,
Administrative Assistant

Christal Jones,
Quality Assurance Specialist

Chris Maupin,
Human Resources Specialist

Danielle Steinbeck,
Accounts Payable/Receivable Specialist

Rhonda Witte,
Finance Specialist

Chase Wyckwood,
Volunteer Supervisor

Stephanie Hausner,
Volunteer Coordinator

Open Position,
Event Partnership Supervisor

Jennifer Wenkel,
Major Gifts Manager

Alex Russell,
Compliance Technician

Benjamin Rieke,
IT Supervisor

Dylan Rackers,
IT Specialist

Gerry Tritz,
Communications Manager

Kyle Stephan,
Marketing Supervisor

Alysa Jackson,
Marketing Specialist

Brain Keeney,
Maintenance & Facilities Technician

Lauren Fitch,
Marketing & Communications Vista

Kristen Pettibon,
Outreach Vista

Board Members:

Carlos Graham – Chair
Carol Fischer – Vice Chair
Kirk Duncan – Treasurer
Dawn Sweazea – Secretary
Scott Hamblin
Heidi Lucas
Joy Sweeney
Josh Varner
Ritchie Conley
Jeanne Marr Gordon
Mary Deeken
Steve Bruce
Reece Treasure